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After a long winter of discontent, unable to find a conscientious and reliable company to plow their properties, Joe and Todd were having a beer and decided to start their own company. They figured that with Todd’s experience in lawn care and Joe’s customer contacts they could put together something special. The problem? Both of them had full time jobs so even though the company was going and growing, they knew they were missing an integral part of the team. Someone with the drive to run day to day operations.

Enter Alex, a young entrepreneur who’d been in the yard care business since he got out of diapers, and ever since those days of watering the lawn for dad and pulling weeds, Alex acquired a passion and flare for yard work of every kind.

After a season of paying Alex to shovel their properties by hand, the duo bought Alex a snow blower and watched in awe as he arrived at 5 am to shovel walks and blow driveways. After that successful season, Alex turned his attention to their lawns – which as he put it, demanded attention – and made them the talk of the town!

When Alex’s old Toro broke down, he approached the guys with a vision and plan. To not only ask for help buying a Deere riding mower with a 360 degree turning radius, but to invest in his passion, knowledge, and work ethic and help him start a company.

One lawyer and accountant later, and Turf Tamers was founded in April of 2011.

Get to know more about the Turf Tamers team below:

Joe Longenecker

Joe Longenecker

Joe began mowing lawns for baseball card money when he was 10 years old. Trolling the neighborhoods of his youth, Joe dragged around push mowers, knocking on doors of people who looked like they could use a trim. Joe’s passion for the outdoors extends to all forms of outdoor activities including hunting and fishing.

In addition to Turf Tamers, Joe currently services many communities in and around Des Moines with a financial services business. He enjoys being in business with friends and wants to grow Turf Tamers into something that is appreciated and recognizable in the community.

Joe is married with 2 kids. He enjoys cooking and spending time as much time as possible with his wife and kids.

To Joe, every day is a new adventure…

Todd Smith

Todd Smith

Todd grew up in the small town of Bloomfield in SE Iowa.  He’s been in the mortgage and/or banking industry since 1991.  He enjoys working in a field where he can have a positive impact on people’s day to day lives, as well as, the community he lives and works in.

In his spare time he spends time in the great outdoors, hunting and fishing with his son as well as attending all of his son’s sporting events.

Todd looks forward to the opportunity of earning your business!

Alex Schmeiser

Alex Schmeiser

Alex is 26 and was born and raised in West Des Moines. A graduate of Valley High School, Alex started seriously mowing when he was 18 when he would do so during summer break from college.

A self-proclaimed perfectionist, Alex loves the outdoors and figuring how things work. His hobbies include camping, Jeeping, riding his dirt bikes, cars, building/fixing things and of course – golf.

Alex is very optimistic about life and about Turf Tamers.


  • Spring and Fall Cleanup
  • Core Aeration
  • Fertilization Service
  • Tree and Hedge Pruning
  • Lawn Mowing and Trimming
  • Landscaping
  • Sidewalk Edging
  • Snow Removal

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